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Lord of the rings online

WoneG visited Hillshire ruins, completing last deed in the Bree-land (no more quests will be taken there) and is prepared to move to the Shire. Hobbitses, be afraid of TP-hungry grinder…

NaktiesKarys was very succesfull in Moria. First of all, managed to get a group and visit Skumfil twice. Almost all deeds completed and all quests finished in this instance. I was happy there: used all of my beloved AoE attacks, thus helping (at least I think so) my friends when we were surrounded by horde of monsters. One group member called me “DPS killing machine”. Well, that’s the way the Champion lives: forwards to battle, swing swing, slaughter anything around and hope to stay alive… We finished one wing of SKumfil, then started another, killing everything in sight.

After some rest, started Forgotten Treasury. It is a complicated instance since players have to guess “passwrod”: turn the statues in some -random- order. Of course, we had to fight our way through to them, gaining TPs, experience and many loot.  When territory was clear, we proceeded with killing remaining monsters. 1 was finished quickly, other 2 – not so: few people fro our group ran into room, door closed and 3 of us were left behind. A pity I could not participate in the battle.

My Weaponsmith won the competition to craft 2 axes. There were two of us, capable of crafting these and I was quickier. Made these weapons easily and felt satisfied: I was usefull to Kinship.

Logged in as DunedanMule and used all the reputation items I looted in Moria: got another level of reputation and some Turbine points.

Atg the end of the day I had 675 Turbine poins, lots of loot sold and felt very satisfied. Everything is going superb, my alts are going to the Shire/Ered Luin, TPs are flowing like a river (2 more Moria instances and I will be very rich) and I am needed for my Kinship. Life is just excellent in Lotro.