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Lord of the rings online

WoneG continues her adventures. This time – almost all Bree deeds were completed, excluding “Ruins of Shire”. Used all Cordolan Trinkets to gain Kindred reputation with Bree…and then real life intevened, had to make a pause. Took some use of DunedanMule: she managed to finish Sickle-fly slayer (advanced) and gain me valuable 10 Turbine points. Now I have to wait a bit untill lvl.21 and then all the Ered-Luin/Shire would be safely grey for me.

NaktiesKarys was chating with Kinship and asking if someone organizes Moria instances. Nobody was. A pity, I have so many Moria instance deeds to complete – and the Kinship is not as active in Moria as it was before.

I am starting to think about reputation with the Mathom society:I could possibly achieve more than just first level if I use some Mathoms. When my NaktiesKarys returns to Moria, he will loot every reputation item.

And so the day has ended. I had 685 Turbine points (some 1900 more to go) and getting ready for more points and adventures. Life is just good in Lotro.