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Lord of the rings online

WoneG, after visiting barber (she just jad to change her look paying hard earned 9 silver coins) continued her adventures.

Took some quests that helped to finish Orc slayer (advanced) deed. It was just great – come and slay worthless Orcs, sell all loot and grow up fast like a wind. using a bow made this faster. Other quests (visit Grimbiars’ scouts) let me finish Neeker slayer (advanced) deed. While slaying, WoneG grew up to level 20 and immediately recalled to Bree: high time to learn Heavy Armor ability and use some looted armor.

Re-equipped weapons: now have 2 weapons I have looted with less +might, but DPS is better and damage is higher. Also re-equipped armor, sold everything that was not needed: have some 1 gold coin (bright side) and over-flooded inventory bags (dark side).

Tried to run and help somebody in N.Barrows with “lvl.20 rare elite monster”, but when my little girl arrived, it was too late. Well, at least I was determined to fight untill las hp and help others.

I am more than ready for Shire and Ered Luin adventures. Just have to finish all the quests that give reputation with the men of Bree, then – finish with reputation and only then take a long ride, visiting all stables, from Bree to Thorins Hall. I’m not afraid of anything there.

And so the day has ended: a good one, I had 630 Turbine points and some 200 TPs ahead. The world is interesting, I re-discover some things anew – life is just superb in Lotro.