Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz purchased riding skill (95 TPs) and rode a bit.

WoneG started her adventure in Lotro world. First positive thing was a new quest in Hunters’ lodge near Archet: one NPC offered me to have some rest since my girl was obviously tired.

I rested…only to fell asleep and to be visited by Lady Galadriel. Saw beautifull landscape of Lothlorien and then – lady showed me the menaces that threaten Middle Earth: evil Carn-Dum fortress in Angmar; bridge of Khazad-dum in Moria; and Eastern Rohan where battles goes on every day. These were beautifull vision with the ending: “I saw you in my mirror. Not sometimes. Often”. It was a great feeling, very encouraging. Reminded me “Dune 2000” intro where Lady Elara began her monologue ending with “We have also seen you rise to command vast armies bringing peace to Arrakis once. That is the prophecy. That is the future we seek”. I do like such things, they are very good and encouraging.

Did some fellowship work: asked for help in protecting one Constable (lvl.24 arrived and helped me), also grouped with lvl.15 Hunter to kill Jasper Mudbottom (too easily he was killed). Declined one offer for fellowship. Paid for house upkeep (150 silver) and will be grinding foir every single coin: need to buy coal for my NaktiesKarys, both Eastemnet and Rich one.

And the rest life of WoneG was TP grind, taking almost every quest and trying to complete every deed possible. Kill that, locate this and so on. Two days and I was lvl.16, equipped with 2 swords made my NaktiesKarys…only problem being armour, since there is too little amror suitable for Champions. Now, I have only few deeds to complete – and then will have to move to the Shire and Ered Luin. Over all I started some 460 TP run on one single toon (410 from Bree-Shire-Ered Luin and 50 for reputation with Thorins hall).

There was a Kinship event in Bree, but I was unable (real life interfered!) to participate.

There are active talks about “treasure event” and almost every second player is unsatisfied with it. My calculations are critised, but on the other hand, such badly though “events” are too hard to predict. Players agree berries are spawning very slow, so slow most of them have to abandon the quest. Also, loot quality is under big question. Looks like Turbine did not hear “Stomp the Shrew” feedback nor have played it on the peak hours. Yet, glad to hear my thoughts are almost 100% confirmed.

And so weekend has ended, I had 605 Turbine points and much more to grind for. Of course, now I have to wait for another Saturday to pay for house upkeep, but by that time I should have finished with all 3 regions. Life is just good with Lotro.