Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz won in the Lotro lottery! Some steed won, now I have to spent 95 TPs for riding skill.

NaktiesKarys tried to form a group for a Skumfil (need to finish some deeds and quests there). One very helpfull Elf volunteered gor help, others were not so cooperative. Had to disband the group and go for daily genocide in Lothlorien (Orcs have no right to live). Genocide was succesfull, valuable xp was flowing. Later rode to East Rohan for Riddermark ore. I do need to level up my Weaponsmith to the highest level, also to make medium and high quality Riddermark ingots. Thus, I will be needing lots of Riddermark ore.

On the other hand – I do need to grind for Cordolan trinkets and Mathoms. Reason is very simple: my WoneG would grind for almost every Turbine point in Bree (except all deeds >20 lvl) , Shire (except grindy Post, Brew and Pies quests, slug slayer deeds), Ered Luin (except Rath Teraig exploration) deeds. Planning to get some 410 TPs this way…and some coins as well. Someone has to pay for house maintenance and buy coal after all. I know, it may be grindy, but am determined to do it. Also, I have got some 120 First age relics, so my toon mayu get +50 TP for reputation with Thorins Hall.

And so the day has ended: little fun, Moria is almost empty with very rare fellowship advertisings (“NNN instance, 3/6, need random”…3/6 repeated all over time)…but things mayu get better when I finally finish my 410 TP grind.  Maybe one day I will be lucky and finally finish this…Skumfil…deeds and quests. Then, I would be closer to Rise of Isengard expansion.