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Lord of the rings online

While mmorpg.com discusses Moria – my NaktiesKarys continues his adventures. First of all – daily genocide in Lothlorien, to loot and sac Orcish camps. Since Orcs deserve death only, I gladly did these daily quests.

Then, time for some crafting. Finally, I am Grand Master of the Weaponsmith Guild! All the recipes are open for me, hooray!

And then – raiding Grand Stairs. As always, I am for any Moria instance. We ran, killing enemies, I was very eager to use AoE attacks and collect reputation items. We ran through the Grand Stairs, I managed to finish some deeds and receive valuable Turbine points (TPs). Very soon instance was done and I returned to Moria.

It was time to deposit and mail reputation items, sell and repair equipment. Switched to DunedanMule to increase reputation. Of course, I have some more runs to do to achieve Kindred, but I will achieve it.

However, I still need to do many things in Moria:

  1. Finish all existing quests/quest lines
  2. Finish all existing instance deeds
  3. FInish all remaining Moria deeds

June 29th – our Kinship event, starting at 19:00 in Bree. I hope everyone who reads will attend it.

And thus the day has ended, I had some 590 TPs, had lots of fun and waiting for more adventures. Life in Lotro – just beautifull.