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Lord of the rings online

It was a very long weekend with Lotro. On Monday game was on long maintenance – so almost all the day was vasted.

NaktiesKarys continued his journey, doing daily genocide (Orcs deserve genocide only), gathering Lothlorien golden leaves and legendary item xp. Also crafting, rushing to reach top reputation with Weaponsmith Guild. Now, I am only 15.000 xp short from it.

Went to Sarnur, to grind reputation items with Thorin’s hall. It was a profitable run: managed to grind enough gold to do all repairs, purchase some 100 eastemnet coal and still have some 2 gold coins as profit. As a result: WoneF has finally reached Kindred reputation with Thorin’s Hall…and this toon was deleted. WoneG is now a new TP grinder.

Talked with kinnies about some Moria instances and made some runs. Have to admit – it was a TP rain. I just ran, killing, using all AoE attacks (few times was killed because of it), looting anything valuable, including reputation items. Finished lots of deeds – so that I gained ~40 Turbine points this way. A pity, was not able to finish 2 quests. Also, accepted some sharedf quests and now have too much of them: have to finish some of them as quickly as possible.

I was satisfied. Even if it meant – not being in sunny Lothlorien – I felt really satisfied. I was in the middle of the battle aiding fellowship as much a I could and gaining valuable experience. Had some 520 Turbine points (some 2000 more needed for Isengard).

Was thinking about Enedwaith. At its best: cost some 550 TPs, return value (most difficult greeds not counted) – some 240. That’s bearing in mind one needs to kill about 370 monsters (125 – simple deed, 250 – advanced). Except reputation with the Grey company – nothing worth spending TPs there.

And so the weekend has ended, I felt very satisfied and am looking for more battles and quests to finish. Life is just good with Lotro.