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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started his day in Moria: found almost nothing to do, went to Lothlorien to do daily genocide. And daily genocide went just great – another xp, another Golden leaves. Then I returned to Moria. There were little kinnies in the game, so no raid was organized.

Went to gather metal ore. Rohan landscapes were just great, Riddermark was plentyfull, I  managed  to craft lots of ingots: low, medium, high grade ones. One kinnie needed high grade: crafted them (at least some use of my top-level prospector). Another kinnie needed legendary Hunter sword for lvl.75. Had to travel to Thorin’s Hall, purchase recipe and take materials from vault. Was lacking some “worn symbol of Cerebrimbor” and little time to lose. Purchased it for 44 gold (ouch…but I will recover!).

Finally, I crafted first Legendary Item. Was satisfied of it. Soon, I will be able to craft Legendary items for myself. Just no to hurry – need to wait untill some lvl.75.

Took part in Filikul instance, along with several player from current and former Kinships. Things went good, I got some valuable Nimrodel coins and medaillions of Moria.

Decided to go for some hunt, when one player asked if anyone could help with worm killing in Misty Mountains. I volunteered, was summoned and we ran killing each worm in sign. I had unfinished slayer deed, so it was beneficial for me too. Soon, another player joined, she knew of a very good spot, full of Worms: together, we made a real genocide. I finished my first slayer deed…and saw I needed some 200 worms for advanced one, while other members of Fellowship needed maximum 80. One player gave me deed accelerator, so I was able not only to complete worm slayer deed: managed to go and finish all Snow beast slayer deeds. There was one very good spot too: we just stood and slaughtered ugly beasts.

It was a really good hunting. All we needed was to find target and then quickly slaughter it. Loot was plentyfull, I even managed to find a Sturdy Key and a lootbox. As always, there was little use from a Lootbox: 30 reputation items for Elves of Rivendell faction, 1 earring (gave to kinnie) and 1 worthless tome (deleted).

I understood my lesson: do not stick to one region/quest line. Be open-minded. Bored with Moria? Fine, go to Forochel. Unsatisfied with ice world of Forochel? Not a problem, there are Misty mountains. I was stuck with Lothlorien and Moria and was unable to see much fun around.

And so the day has ended. I felt very satisfied: I was usefull for others, first time my crafter was usefull for the Kinship and money did not matter (virtual money can be grinded, friendship – no). I had fun exploring and completing deeds (have some 460 TPs right now). I have re-discovered Misty Mountains. Things are getting just wonderfull in Lotro.