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Lord of the rings online

The day started as usually: NaktiesKarys went to Lothlorien, to destroy Orcish camps and gain some valuable xp as well as Golden leaves. There were almost no instances – so I went to Zirakzil, hunted Merrovals, Wargh riders and Dragonets. Dragonets looked to be fearsome opponent: when fighting 4 of them at once, had some problems with hp dropping too quickly.

Soon group for Grand Stairs was formed and we stormed that instance. Run, fight, heal a lot, loot what is needfull, use almost all heals and repeat. Several times was defeated, but at the end we won. A little rest to unload reputation items, sell all other, repair equipment – and Stadufil instance. This was harder, I died  many times. One time was especially depressing: we went to kill a boss…and some monster stunned me. I stood stunned, unable to die, unable to aid and was very sad. Finally boss was killed, my “prison guard” too.

Then, we went to finall boss: huge named Spider with tons of his offsprings. We killed some of little ones and then proceded to the Big One. Somehow was killed and once again missed the fight – managed to return only when Big One was killed. Then, we proceeded to slaughter spiders untill everyone completed spider slayer advanced deed (240 spiders). I can’t remember how many “side-deeds” have we completed. Many of them. Kill this, find that, slaughter these: there was no time for looking.

Finally, it was over.  I left instance, returned to unload/sell/repair and logged my alt, DunedanMule. She increased reputation with Iron Guards and Miners (some TPs earned). Logged back, increased reputation with Weaponsmith Guild.  Of course, reputation with the Guild requires tons of ingots: soon, I will be forced to go and mine almost every metal above tier 2. But this is not a problem, it’s kind of relaxation for me. Took some side quests (and will take more of them for instances we usually fight in).

Moria looked interesting for me. I finally have a Kin that is active (kind of…) there and I do my quests/deeds there. Some instances we do almost every day, do them with experienced players. My role is still…supportive, as I cannot do much against enemies with tens of thousands hp.

And so the day has ended, I had some 420 Turbine points (some 2500 to go). I felt satisfied with the instances: they were interesting anc challenging, it was just a great time. Life is just superb with Lotro.