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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started as usually – with raiding and looting Orcish camps. This dream job was done quickly, stuff was looted and sold. I have more than enough Golden and silver leaves to purchase Galadhrim reputation horse for my collection: one day, when I will find the proper vendor – will do it.

And then it was Moria. We started Grand Stair, right path instance. I have never been here before, but did what I could do best: my AoE attacks. There were many enemies with lots of hp (kind of – 17.000), yet we managed to kill them all. Unfortunately, one time person died while healing me: if only they told me to retreat or just die to be resurrected! But next time I will tell them so. At the end, we faced tons of spiders and their named boss, huge ugly spider.

Then we did some other instance (can’t remember which one), failing only “kill boss, not his followers” daily quest. Once again – running, looting, I managed to win several valuable Runes that gave Legendary xp.

Instance finished, some rest time to unload/sell things, repair equipment…and get ready for Filikul, this over-grown turtle. Filikul was finished too, rewarding me with valuable Medallions of Moria.

It was the end of instances. I managed to do “The fall of Moria” session-play and then up to crafting. Calenard, Riddermark ingots. Then – various Weaponsmith guild emblems that were consumed immediately (these devour my metal resources in such way I would be forced to make crafting runs someday).  All looted reputation items were transferred to DunedanMule. I also asked kinnies about my own perfomance: what went right and what went wrong? They say all went right, I acted like Champion should – used all of AoE attacks.

And so the day has ended. I really enjoyed these runs, being in the heart of the battle, engaging enemy and earning some TPs (have 350 TP now). Yes, Lotro has much to offer, you just have to be open for proposals and not stick to daily quests or (boring) epic lines. Life was just amazing with Lotro.