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Lord of the rings online

If there is something I do like to do in Lothlorien – it’s taking daily quests. Especially 5 quests that require to loot and crush 4 Orcish settlements and kill 5 of their smiths. It’s not a job (although paid well with Golden leaves and xp), it’s just a pleasure to kill these creatures, sometimes fighting 3 of them at one time. I took it and was very satisfied when killing was finished. Finished one interesting quest as well: Elf asked to go to 3 locations and see if there are any signs of Great Eagle (Gandalf). There were no signs, but the quest was interesting one.

One colleague-Dwarf asked for asistance with killing 3 evils in ANgmar. It was a pleasure to go. I was stronger, could clean the road from any dangers (except that named troll with >20.000 hp, I attacked and defeated enemies quickly., We were victorious. I fought and my colleague unleashed lots of spells to destroy enemies: these were very helpfull. We commented it in the chat that “so-called “emissaries” were just owned by invincible Dwarven force”. Very good experience.

And then a call for help came from Moria. Lvl.58 instance, I thought it would be easy for me: some AoE hits and enemy is over. Like lvl.60 Orcs in those Lothlorien camps. It wasn’t. Our group was mostly Warden one and then enemy was strong, some 7000-17.000 hp, named ones with up to 72.000 hp. The fight was intense and hard. I used all my favourite AoE trying to ease life for other members (it’s me that had the highest lvl after all). Tried always to be in the middle of the fight. First part was difficult, at the end I was killed, retreated, returned to battle, saw next wave where I made some progress, then we moved on to the next level. Next level – new, harder Orcs and death once again. Finally, one boss with 72.000 hp and 2 bodyguards. We fought as well as we could, I used all I had, all best morale and energy potions, all bracing and AoE attacks – everything I could. Was defeated, as well as my group – but there was no remorse. We fought bravely and did all we could do. Then a phone in real-life and I had to leave group.

I enjoyed this fight. Not sure if I was usefull (lower lvl Wardens performed better than me), my self-healing was not sufficient and I am starting to doubt about Champion’s role in combat. Primarily battle tank? Maybe not. As told in the forums – “secondary tank”? But I was not a tank, just AoE attacks spamming machine. What was my real role and was I of real help? These things should be discussed today with kinnies. Despite of thius – it was a very good experience, taking me out of “kill Orcs in Lothlorien, harvest in Great River and Rohan” routine.

And of course, there was harvesting of Skarn in the Great River and some advancement in the Weaponsmith’s guild reputation (I need it as soon as possible to be able to craft lvl.70 Legendary weapons). Then it was quest to admonish drunken Elves: it does require patience, but I did it.

And so the day has ended: no  Turbine points earned, I am very far from my goal, but the fun I have is much more than grinding for TPs. I justy enjoy Lotro at the cost of epic quests. Life is just superb in Lotro.