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Logged in to check for updates: no updates so far. A pity, I expected at least some on Live server (shard).

Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent entire weekend in the Lotro, riding and teleporting, questing and crafting.

Eastern Rohan landscapes are just amazing and inviting to stay. Architekture is great, sunsets are great too…and I can harvest Skarn ore without trouble. Harvesting was going very well, ore was mostly undefended and enemies were avoidable. I gathered everything I could, especially that I could harvest while mounted. Went to local towns, crafted metal ingots, then made advanced ones. It required istant repairs (making >100 ingots is not that easy) and purchasing 500 silver worth Eastemnet-coal. But it paid off: I am finally top-level Prospector.

I also greatly advanced my reputation with Weaponsmith’s guild. Made emblems, withdrawing great amounts of ingots. It takes faster than i expected…though at a very high ingot consumption rate. Now I could craft Legendary items (3rd age, lvl.65), but they are a bit better than ones dropped by monsters.

I also quested in Lothlorien and Moria. Lothlorien offered same favourite “loot and destroy” type quests to raid Orcs. Did it with pleasure, at the free time reprimanding drunken Elves (yes, you could meet ones) and participating in one-player Skirmish to: a) kill 30 orcs; b) lose less than 12 Elven defenders. Reached Kindred reputation with the Lothlorien elves – received mega deed to rwach Kindred with all Elves (reward: mount and 20 Turbine points). Also completed one exploration quest. Later, one lvl.85 kinnie offered a help with some quests and deeds. We rode to Moria, Foundations of Stone, and killed stuff. Things were going good, I completed several quests and advanced some deeds. The problem were spiders: there were just not enough of them to advance deed. We took one (solo-only) quest, there were some 20 spiders, but these are not enough for a deed where I need some 80 more…and 240 more spiders dor advanced slayer deed.

One quest ends in raid “the Vile Maw”. I am already asking kinnies to help me with that: need to lessen number of quests, have some 23 of them right now. Only epic should remain, everything else must be finished.

I was satisfied with the weekend. It was very pleasant to ride like a wind in Rohan, observe nice landscaspes while advancing at the same time, I even havd 320 TPs. Everything was going just superb, I enjoyed my game…and thinking about today. Life is just excellent with Lotro.