Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys started his day in Thorin’s Hall and decided to ride to Sarnur. Dourhand and beast slayer (all advanced) deeds needed to be completed. The hunt was very nice – I went, killed anything I met and went further. Of course, no experience points, but I got many loot and reputation items.

Then one lvl.13 player asked for help in killing Brigands. Went to him, explaining I, as lvl.66, did that deed before. This hunt was something wonderfull. One bow shot – enemy was dead, one hit – dead too. We needed 48 brigands to be killed and did it very quickly.  My companion probably used monster tracking – he ran straight to closiest monster. We were victorious in very little time (perhabs more time running than killing). I asked if I was needed anymore – he told he needed spider slayer (some 50 of them). Well, quick ride to spiders’ den and once again, one-shot victories, one quest en route…and we were victorious. My help time was over.

Player told me “I owe u” and my answer was simple: “When u grow big like me, help little ones”. As we said in Istaria – “got help, bring help”. I do hope that player will help others when he grows up.

Then I returned to Sarnur, killing last of Dourhands and beasts. All advanced slayer deeds finished, 20 Turbine points received. Furthermore, Sturdy steel key as a loot. My WoneF toon used all of reputation items and reached Ally reputation with Thorins Hall immediately: Turbine points once again. Key was used on lvl.40 lootbox: received Rivendell reputation items and fluff  item.

Offered one deal to our Jewellers: I bring them 74 garnets, they return me 20 polished. Well, received polished ones immediately (and hopefully someone received some xp too).

And so the day has ended. I was satisfied and now I do understand: Lotro has veyr much to offer, you just don’t need to stick with levelling. Lotro does have beautifully designed landscapes, you just need to sit/stand/ride and relax there. I helped others and was satisfied of that. Life is just great with Lotro and I look forward for this weekend: many adventures and good impressions awaits!