Lord of the rings online

The day has started in Bree – then quick ride to Lothlorien, spending some coins on stable horses. Started my favourite “loot Orcish camps” daily quests. I could do it as many times as possible – just love to come, loot and slaughter Orcs, all of them. Once again some Golden leaves earned – now have more than enough golden, only lack some silver leaves to purchase Galadrim reputation horse. Then did one quest to reprimand Elves who over-drank. This time it went very good, no mistakes made. 2 more quests were completed as well as one exploration deed.

Then it was high time for Great River, its beautifully designed landscape, impressive buildings and flags of Rohan flown almost everywhere. I rode, harvesting every Skarn vein I could find, sometimes it meant killing monsters, sometimes – running from group of angry monsters…and sometimes just standing in nice green field and harvesting while enjoying the landscape.Once ran into almost locked up camp: high walls, Human structures – I thought, these were friendly. However, noticed only Brigands there. Well, maybe not so friendly… I went as far as Brown lands, meeting some strange enemies, called “Blue sect”, consisting of sorcerers and just melee warriors. These lands are Angmar-like ones, all brown, without any sign of life. Harvested some Skarn and returned through swamps to the continent.

Swamps was something very well made. Like in real life, you could go through and see miss an enemy (enemy probably won’t miss you). Monsters ranged from some hardly-killable Turtles to simple creatures I could outrun.

Harvesting was going very good. Main town in Great River has all facilities – vault, forge, trainers – so there was no need to go to Moria.  Also, my kinnies sent me some Skarn ore and at the end of the day I had some 200 low-quality Calenard ingots and started to make swords. Soon, I was able to make critical success and now am some 700-800 xp short to achieving top Westfold mastery.

I am using one sword I have just crafted: it has better DPS and hit power and I also am lvl.66 now.

I really like Great River region. It is so skilfully made, every building is quality one, every person is realistic and even nature is realistic too. Besides, region is safe even for lower levels (provided they have steed with 250 health…).

Not sure what about today: Turbine is starting maintenance for Update 11…but nothing would stop me from enjoying Great River, Lothlorien, Evenim and Eregion. Life is just wonderfull in Lotro.