Lord of the rings online

Day started with Lothlorien – took my favourite 5 quests to loot Orcish camps, received experience. Then, in Elven city got some quests, once again Legendary items experience and even more quests. One time attacked some rare elite Orc with 16.000 hp. Fight was hard, but I survived: next time I should look at enemie’s hp before attacking…

One Kinship member asked for help with trolls in Sarnur. I was eager to help – and soon entire group of some 5 players was formed. We went to Sarnur quickly, started with killing of Dourhands and beasts, then proceeded with Snow trolls.

It was the fight worth to remember. Trolls could not manage to kill us, everyone did as much as he/she could and trolls were just slaughtered. I got troll slayer deed and picked up every single reputation item for my alts. Finally, one player got his deed completed, 2 more had to leave…and there were 2 players left: Hunter and me. We continued to kill trolls, just this time it wasn’t that easy. For some reason trolls tended to attack Hunter, not me. I wasn’t satisfied with this: I was supposed to be melee attacker and Hunter was supposed to do ranged attacks, not melee ones. However, we survived, Hunter finished his deed and I asked permission to leave. Was teleported to Bree – a bit tired, after fighting for some hours in a row – but satisfied. I did my best. I ran into the heart of the battle, used AoE attacks against group of 4 enemies (each with some 7-9 000 hp), sometimes I was close to death, but healing potions, bracing attacks, sudden defenses helped me to survive.

In Bree, I sold stuff, deposited reputation items and then time has come for DunedanMule. She took every single Dourhand crest and First age relic and used them. Soon, DunedanMule received Kindred reputation with the Thorins Hall, granting me valuable Turbine points. She also spent some money for post: all stuff that once belonged to Dunedain of the North kinship, was sent to their Treasurer. Finally, I could use her vault – and thus log in-log out circle began. NaktiesKarys deposits up to 5 units of stuff to Shared vault, DunedanMule takes off and deposits to her vault…process repeats, then Mule takes some things from house chest to her vault. Finally, it was completed, I got some free space.

I talked with folks about future expansions and asaked for their reccomendations. Looks like there is a huge TP grind ahead and I will need every single Turbine point I could get. Vytautaz will soon be employed as well as other alts on Silverlode.

And thus the day has ended. I felt very satisfied and happy: each action brough me satisfaction, I was needed for other player and I advanced. Things are just amazing in Lotro (especially trolling snow trolls…)