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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is finally a Kinsman of Edhel-Annon Kinship! Since it was June 7th, I asked for an interview and was ordered to arrive to Kinship house. Two Officers stood before me. They asked some neutral questions (“what is short type of your nick?”) and then – what did I like and what dislike in the Kinship. I answered shortly, then was asked several mode questions, re-asked if I was sure I want to be a Kinsman (yes, I was)…and promoted. To celebrate this event, I was to drink from Inn League beer keg…and find myself in Bree. I will do my best to prove they were not wring in accepting me.

Carn-Dum was assaulted once more. We gathered a good group (4 players, 1 of them lvl.85 tank) and went to slaughter everything. I managed to finish one deed (“Champions of Carn Dum”) and receive my Turbine points. We made it to Mordirith’s throne room and killed vile creature. Fight was kind of hard, Mordirith summoning various evils to stop us, but at the end we were victorious. Fighting tentacle monsters was very problematic, few times we were wiped out, but continued to fight – and won. Was happy enough to give some trophies to kinmate that needed those. It was a very positive experience.

I returned to Lothlorien to do local quests.Things were going good, I took my favourite “loot orcish camps” quests and went through the eviul creatures. Took some more quests again to achieve final, Kindred, reputation with local Elves. When I decided there was nothing more to do – I went to Great River region to harvest Skarn ore.

This region is probably the best from all Lotro world. Very impressive lands, high-realistic buildings, made with such mastery you could believe this house was real. Impressive landscapes, impressive buildings and user-friendly crafting areas. I ran into swamp and therw witnessed tiny black swan with chicks (a pity, bird is killable). I ran through settlements with green Rohan flags above them: every step reminds lands of Rohan are near. Of course, Orcs and evil men made their strongholds there, attacking peacefull crafters. I fought with them (all enemies are >lvl.70) and all but one time I won; 1 time had to run out.

I was impressed. WHen I had enough ore, quickly returned to 21st Hall in Moria, smelted and refined ore – and quickly returned to this great region to harvest again. Visited region (Limit Gorge?) where giant monsters dwell, each very tall and more than 70.000 hp. Fought some 2 wolves at one time and even managed to win. Returned to my 21st Hall…only to notice I was running short of Rich coal. My toon, “WoneF” spent all her money for this coal, but even that was not enough. Looks like I would have to make yet another toon and grind for as much gold as possible.

At the end of the day I bartered First age weapon. Used all Legendary item experience runes. Deconstructed several legendary weapons, receives more runes…and my weapon advanced to lvl.32 without actual combat. Now I have better DPS and can hit evil creatures stronger.

Folks adviced me to purhcase Isengard expansion which is 2495 Turbine points. Very, very big grind ahead (and possibility to make some deeds as Vytautaz/DunedanMule).

And so weekend has ended, I left with very positive impressions and 120 TPs. Life was just amazing with Lotro.