Lord of the rings online

Day started with some epic quests. Go, kill some stuff, then visit Lord Elrond in Rivendell, then go with Legolas and protect him from getting killed every now and then (how did this company manage to survive if they were so eager to attack even those monsters that were better to be killed later?). And yes, finally – go, convince Rangers to form Grey Company and go to Aragorn.

I thought it would be kind of easy:have a list of Rangers, visit them all, convince and voila – quest completed. Not so easy: had to visit one by one and each Ranger needed me to do something. Ask other NPC, go and deal with trouble-makers, raze Orcs…One of them, in Trollshaws, required to destroy 3 statues of enemy: ones of Alatheriel, False King and Mordirith. Area was ugly: medium 3D maze, full of passage, all alike and full of my own level monsters (social, of course). I hardly managed to find 2 statues and third was never to be found. Asked for help in Kinship chat, but there was one very unclear advice which I could not use even if it would be in my native Lithuanian. Left that mission impossible, rode to Misty Mountains. One time I had to make choice about one Ranger (“NPC should go”, “NPC should stay”), I chose “go” since all others are going…but looks like this choice mattered very little.

And yet another maze, Goblin town. I was there once and could not recognize the place, all the structures were gone, only tons of grey enemies. I went there, failed to find anything and failed to get any help in regional and Kinship chat. Only when I left one player approached me and told he was riding towars that unsolvable maze. I had to decline: if he approached me 1 hour earlier, I would gladly confirmed need of help. In despair, I cancelled 3 Misty mountains quests. Have already too much quests (37/45), so need finish or cancel most non-epic.

Today we are planning to assault Carn-Dum again and it would be a good place for me to finish some deeds and gain valuable Turbine points. Maybe there, in medium group (I think about 4 players group) will I able to relax.

And so the day has ended with very little help, empty regional chats and some (5?) TPs earned for spamming Horn of Gondor. Life was kind of grumpy with Lotro.