Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys (other toons are resting) went to…yes, grumpy dark and user-unfriendly Angmar. Had to turn in some quests…and this is where all story begins.

Initially I was unable to locate some quest givers, tried to start instances, but all to no use. Then visited quest givers in one town, got some rewards, did some more quests (epic ones: soloed lvl.50 small fellowship content with little problems) – and teamed with one lvl.55 Hobbit.

We went to Carn Dum to find and kill (there’s little new in games since title Crush, kill and destroy…). It was my first time I felt almost imune to attacks. I fought with all my attacks, starting with Bracing, ending with favourite AoE – and my teammate healed me or restored power. Thus I was able to fight several enemies at one time, each enemy having some 9-10 thousand hp points. Few times we were overpowered by horde of monsters and were defeated…only to return and slaughter that monsters.

Later it became clear we won’t make it – called for help and some Warden arrived. Then – lvl.85 Tank went to battle. We almost swept all opposition en route to named monsters. I autocompleted some deeds (can’t remember which ones), tried to protect our Hobbit, since his level was lowest one and once again felt like a immortal in a hand-to-hand battle.  And we got some valuable Keys to Carn-Dum doors too.

We finally went to monster…how do I call it? Something green in a middle of poisoned water (enter the water – instant kill) with huge tentacles, each tentacle having 10.000 health. First time we were wiped: monster shook tree we were standing on, I fell into water – and I was dead. We tried several times, each time we could not defeat. Even our tank was not enough nor our healing/resurrecting Hobbit’s powers were enough.

After yet another defeat I had to retreating, being angry on myself. Of course, it was past midnight,my toon’s equipment became worn (8/40), I had less than 6 hours of sleep…but still left my teammates to face huge evil. Maybe today we would get more reinforcements and make one last assault on Carn-Dum.

I really enjoyed this. As strange as it is, Angmar instances are good and positively challenging (especially Urugatth). They are doable with the right group full of healers and especially when one thinks a bit. Urugarth, I suppose, can easily be done with small fellowship: one tank, one supportive tank, one healer. Or just – two supportive tanks (champions), one healer.

And so the day, full of fights, deaths and broken legs was over. I finished some deeds, exited game with 165 Turbine points in my wallet and lots of useless Spring festival flowers (they are not redeamable for anything). I am still thinking about Carn-Dum and my return to avenge all the misfortunes here. Life was good in Lotro.