Lord of the rings online

As one (almost) NPC said – Ritorno vincitor, “return as conqueror”. This is how my day in Lotro looked like.

First it used to be Moria, epic quest line with its own rewards and quests. Go to local Elves, do what they ask. go to Dwarf, kill some enemies, then go back, kill more enemies. Everything I did and died only once (well, I fell from very high mountain), no way was I to be defeated by any monster. Then rode back to the Elves to confirm newly friendship between Elves and Dwarves. Everything there was going just superb. We even fought one evil, Mazog, and imprisoned him. of course, Elves were eager to hear how did we escape with such prisoner. Time for “I remember this” quest. I had to make a choice – to kill Mazog or let him live. Since Elf screamed – “How many more Elves and Dwarves should be killed if we let it live?”, i decided to be a – relatively- good guy and voted for a kill. Unfortunately, Dwarf over-ruled telling he needed Mazog alive. What’s the point of the choice if choice does not matter? Dear Turbine, please, make choices important…

Then I took some other quests, like collecting flowers, meditating again and so on. It was kind of relaxing. Turbine points were flowing for doing quests and completing some quests inspired by quests. I took one repetative quest, my favourite, to raze and loot Orc settlements. Good Orc is a dead one after all.

And then one kinnie asked for some Minstrels/Burglars for Urugarth. I snored – “no lvl.64 Champions needed”…and was invited to a group. Group consisted of lvl.55 Hobbit, lvl.85 Elf and me, lvl.64 Dwarf. It was THE show: Elf just owned anything that moved, I tried to support her and protect Hobbit. We ran, we shared quests, killing stuff, looting and sharing loots. I was given Champion emblem and gave away some rare non-my class stuff. Deeds in Urugarth were auto-completing. Kill some Orcs: check. Locate some rooms: check. Find what evil is poisoning water:check. Find idols: check. Kill local “champions”: check. Kill 9000 hp trolls: check. Every deed – Turbine points, itr was just crazy how fast I got them while having lots of fun. One time my presence was very helpfull: only I could open room with monster.

Unfortunately, we had to leave and I teleported to my house…unable to join instance. Rushed to Bree, opened Instance finder – only to find it was greyed out. I was in despair: my kinnies were going to face a huge evil Dragon and I was sitting safely in Bree, unable to arrive in time! Nothing helped, no suggestion worked. Had to leave Fellowship, unsatisfied with myself.

However, I was glad to help others (maybe my help was of any use?) and to leave my beloved Lothlorien. There were other requests for help, one – from my native Thorin’s Hall which I was unable to respond to. At the other side – the more request, the better for me since I could aid most of them.

And so the day has ended. I had some 125 Turbine points (still 575 to go for Enedwaith), had a lot of fun,was victorious almost everywhere and the only that left me unsatisfied was late time: I wish I could fight more and more hours there. Life is just excellent with Lotro.