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Lord of the rings online

Sunny, golden and friendly Lothlorien still fascinates me. This time I came across really good quest: some evil-minded Dwarf wanted me to hunt down some protected animals. There I had the choice: hunt them, receive xp, receive some equipment and decrease my reputation with local Elves – or refuse to hunt, fail Dwarf’s quest and receive reputation with local Elves? I went to light side, failed Dwarf’s quest and received the valuable reputation. This is the type of quest I do love: a choice that may matter. If only Turbine had more of these!

Further questing was typical for Elves: light up some lanterns, meditate at the circles of peace, bring some water to the festival, reprimand Elves that had drunken too much wine (one has to see how polite were they when reprimanded). I had to kill some non-protected animals (but Elves told me, so that’s should be legal), make some wine and alike.

I really enjoyed those quests. Some of them are a bit tricky (drunken Elves can only be recognized by very specific words, like “winter this year is not coming soon” and “winter this yer is not coming soon”, second sentence indicating drunken Elf (“yer” instead of “year”). But this quest is repeatble and I could make mistake 2 times.

One kinnie asked if we could hunt, I said yes…but he logged off. Then I went for epic quests. Bosi in Moria had some job to do: go to other NPCs, then hunt some Globsnaga (very good, my Globsnaga slayer deed is advancing), then kill some named monster with 7000 hp…All quests were solo, I did them easily and left some for today.

Only three days remain untill June 7th when I will be interviewed by some Officer. It’s hard to say if I would or would not be accepted. I have shown both my weaknesses and (maybe) strong sides to the Kinship. Now it’s up to them to decide.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied with my sunny golden Lothlorien and even Moria quests, had some 70 TPs. Life is superb with Lotro.