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Lord og the rings online

Lotro has almost dedicated itself to bring good news. First of all – they offer quest pack sale! Lotlorien, Enedwaith are all 20% cheapier. WHich can mean only one thing: my alts are gathering for Turbine points hunt, as quick as possible (have some 503, need 556) I need about 55 TPs which would be kind of easy to achieve. Especially on low-level characters: hunt sickle-flies or just find locations in Shire and Ered-Luin.

I have finally finished purchasing all I wanted from Spring festival. Even managed to collect all missing flowers within one run (1 hour). It was incredible, but it’s a fact and now all the steed cosmetics are mine. Thanks to God, I am free from grinding flowers/leaves.

Kinship brought me to Goblin town. We helped one kinnie to hunt for missing Champion book pages. Oh, I do know what pain may it be. I hunted for these alone – and now our friend was hunting with serious support: 1 tank (lvl.85), 2 medium tanks (lvl.60 and 64) and one lvl.40 player. We ran through Goblin city sweeping away any opposition and I was lucky enough to test my AoE attacks. No one died, no needs for serious healings – it was just one big slaughter. I had my own profit too: killing goblins meant looting reputation items with Elves of Rivendell.

And then fellowship decided to move to Angmar  and while I was  looking at the map – offer expired, I was left alone. A pity – I’d like to revisdit Angmar, grumpy Angmar and kill some evils here. However, I had some quests in Goblin town, did some of them, then teleported to Bree.

Not so bright news: Turbine is increasing cost of Turbine points in Euro. Players argue it has no economic background since fluctuation between USD and EUR is not so huge. Would be bad if they do so: the higher the prices, the less people buy and the less people buy, the less profit for game.

And so the day has ended, full of good news. Weekend would be an alting day, doing almost all doable deed and grinding for TPs. And then – Lothlorien awaits!