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Lord of the rings online

Festival is slowly going to its end (3rd June) and I am completing the last quests that give me 40 spring leaves. Was quite satisfied to finish Dire beer quest in some 4-6 minutes (there were 6 players only so sometimes beer was less than 1 minute away). Race was won from second time. In the maze I also did “find lost elves” and “place misleading signs” quests.

Ered Luin: standard 3 quests, shrew stomping is not an options. Some players from Kin agree it is impossible to win if there are more than 3-5 players.

Asked in Kin chat if there was anybody to help me with Angmar forced fellowship quests. So far, no player responded, but I am sure somebody will. All I need is some lvl.60s player: together we may own that monster that has >20.000 hp.

Some thoughts about thgis festival. It has several things worth to purchase:

  • Steed of a Jester. A must for any players, worth 2-3 days of flower grind (100 of each flowers). Why a must? Just because of +68 speed as opposed to +62 of almost all others.
  • Festival steeds (2). Just to have festival steed.
  • Maps of Eriador. 4 of them offered, they are a part of deed “Cartographer of Eriador” that awards user with 20 Turbine points.
  • Maybe – keg of Moria beer. Effect: transports player to some places that cannot be visited any other way

Optional things are: cosmetics for steed bartered for flowers (some 160 of each) and spring leaves (40). However, that is for complectionists only. Of course, there are many other fluff items, including Gift boxes.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied, reaching level 64. Festival will soon be over for me and then – new adventures await, new TP grinds and maybe new discounts (hint-hint, Turbine…) from Turbine?