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Lord of the rings online

The day was short. At Bree maze I did 3 quests (find missing Elves; place misleading signs; drink beer before times runs out), bought one map of Eriador. Then went to Ered Luin, did 3 quests in local Garden (find spring flowers; find materials for boots; how Shires shoos shews)…and could purchase another map as well. Now I have purchased all the maps offered by this festival and have to grind 40 Spring leaves to buy Warstead appearances. However, I did not finish race, always having problems with one.

While questing, was approached by lvl.22 player. He sent invite for fellowship, I declined it 2 times. He insisted on doing quest, I finally agreed. he wanted to take quest which is easier solo than in group. Well, it wasn’t too hard to for me to wipe Orcs at Weathertop, even top-level ones that had some 4000 and 6000 hp. After that we went back to Candaith camp, instance was finished, I asked player if it was finished…and there was a silence, he just rode away.

I left group feeling strange. At least he could say “thanks” or at least tell it was over for him. No thanks, no goodbye: strange guy.

Kinship was busy questing in some high-level regions. I asked for somebody to polish precious stones – one kinnie logged his alt, sent me more than I asked for. Yet another kinnie asked for some rare Ruby Shards: immediately there were some 3 players (+me at the end) that offered him. When next kinnie asked for “some half dozen” adamants, there again players that told they had. I do like this approach.

And so the day has ended, I felt satisfied both with Festival and with my Kin. Life is good once again in Lotro.