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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys is no longer a member of any Kinship. Currently looking for a new one, talking – one day I will find my new home. Met few players from my old Kin, we talked a bit, wished each other a good luck.

NaktiesKarys continued to grind for Spring festival leaves. 2 leaves for entering festival. Then: Shire – 3 leaves for winning the race, some leaves for planting misleading signs in the maze, finding wandering elves and (first time!) for reprimanding tweeds. Ered Luin (Duillond): some for planeting flowers and gathering materials for boots (Shrew stomping was impossible to do, since there are always way more players than shrews).

Also continued to grind flowers: this time in the Shire. Was kind of hard, since I lost some time for travel and there was some competition. Now, only Ered Luin awaits.

And so, the day has ended. I had 38 Spring festival leaves, done 2/3 of flowers for a steed and am waiting for a new Kinship.Things are going good in Lotro.