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Lord of the rings online

The purpose of any game is to have fun, I think. I got a bit tired from grinding Turbine points, so NaktiesKarys went to the Spring Festival: time to grind those valuable Spring leaves and Flowers for news steeds and maps.  And here goes the impressions (Kinship questions – at the bottom, please read).

The Maze: offers two quests, one to find wandering Elves and other – to display misleading signs (that’s why Elves are lost). I ran through the maze and it was kind of quick. Earned Legendary item experience and some Leaves. Comments: these quests are looking good and promising (well, as long as you can navigate the maze). Enter the maze quest was tricky: you enter and have 14 minutes to exit, when exit – receive 1 leave…and NPC tells you could try to make it within 10 minutes. I did not take the second part of the quest – too risky. Comments: take on your own risk, even it’s not too worthy. Race: this time I won, even if I slipped into the mud twice. Comments: probably a must, Turbine did listen to players’ opinions (previous races were almost impossible).

Bree flowers’ quest: consists of few parts. First part: get Violet (near Bree), then some other near Michel Delving and third one – near Duillond. Second one: go to Prancing Pony, Burliman awaits, then bring vase to the Cat lady’s house. Oops, vase did not belong there, go to take the vase, ask neighbour (there is only one nearby – you won’t miss), bring some sweets – quest completed. Third part: a timed quest. You got one hour to get as much flowers as you can. I started with Bree and it was some competition there. Found some 116 Violets (those grow best near Bree) as well as other flowers.

Why to collect flowers? Just for Jester steed, I do love to be completionist. However, this steed requires 300 flowers: 100 of each kind. Bree is done, have to grind Shire and Ered Luins flower patches.

Shire activities involved Brockenborings, collecting clovers and then delivering stuff. Only one or two leaves were awarded. There is a challenge to drink some Green Beer and go on fence (if you drop, you lose). Since you are heavily drunk – it is difficult to finish this quest, I abandoned it. Party tree activities are mostly up to Ale/Inn leagues. Did not take them.

Ered Luin activities: mostly in Duillond, local cave (somehow called “Garden”). Involves Shrew stumping: toop hard to complete, since there may be 20 players trying to stomp one Shrew. I did not make it any time I tried. Comment: worthless quest, maybe worth trying when/if you are alone there. Making boots quest was easier: speak to NPCs, coillect materials (all all nearby, just 1 category a bit further), bring to NPC…and then may repeat daily quest one time for the first time.  Comments:surely reccomend, it is probably the best Ered Luin can offer.

At the end of the day I had some 21 Spring leaves, 116 Violets and God knows how many other flowers. Had 3-4 days to work in the Shire/Ered Luin and Jester steed may be mine. Then I will need to grind for some more flowers (I do need every steed!) – after that I will abandon flower gathering.

Leaves grinding is very limited and it would be hard for me to earn them within Festival time. I need some of them: 80 for two steeds, some 40 for maps of Middle earth. Maybe I may find some time interval when SHrew stumping has less competition (current is just insane and makes it impossible to finish).

Kinship question: got one beautifull proposal, just what I need…but not on my Withywindle. A very big pity, I wish I could migrate all my toons (NaktiesKarys, Vytautaz, Dunedanmule, WoneF) here – but it would be way too expensive. There are many Kinships that are big and nice and offers help for newcommers…just they do not like to respond.

I would really like to join some Kinship. It does not have to be big, it may even not have Kinship house, all I expect is a friendly cozy atmosphere. I will need help with Angmar/Moria. I may offer help in crafting Weaponsmith production, making one toon as a Kinship’s mule (but have to give all the stuff to Dunedain of the North kinship before that), protecting those of lower levels in Eregion, Evendim, part of Angmar and Moria, maybe even in Misty Mountains/Forochel. We could even do some deeds together.

Hope I am not asking for too much. Any reccomendation would be of great value.