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Lord of the rings online

Vytautaz continued to fight in Evendim. Was one time killed (bad idea to fight 2 stone giants at one time…especially when they do stun). Kindred with Wardens of Annuminas reached, some TPs gained.

Turbine introduced Spring Festival. It goes mostly in Maze near Bree and, of course, at each login player has a huge notification without ability to turn this off. Currency of the festival are “Spring leaves” and they are given mostly by quests done in a maze: to place misleading signs, to find wandering Elves and to travel maze while drinking strong Beer. Other quests are located in the Shire and I am not sure about their awards.

Turbine has made some wise conclusions: this time, they offer some steeds to purchase and even steed cosmetics: now, players would really want to earn Festival currency. Other items include various house decorations, including valuable Dwarven beer. I think, developers listened to players’ opinions: player may want to play and earn tokens if he could exchange them to steeds or something interesting. I wonder, if there is any hidden deed like “Purchase 20 kegs of Beer, receive title and 2 Turbine points”. Downside is that most quests are in the maze (I do not like mazes) and are very time-consuming. I wish there were more innovative quests with “Springs leaves” rewards.

However, things will become clear when my NaktiesKarys will revisit Festival area and check things out. If there are new steeds, I need them. If there are deeds that may reward me with TPs, I need them.

DunedanMule has left the Kinship. Now, only one toon, my main, remains in the Kinship. I am waiting for any fresh ideas about new Kinship that may not be too big, just have a friendly atmosphere and be able to help me with Angmar/Moria. I could offer some weaponsmith services (what could be better for a Dwarf than to craft things at Superior forge?) as well as protecting new players should they travel in risky region like Angmar, Eregion or even the begining of Moria.

Was approached by one Kinship: they thought I was experienced since they do need officers. Well, I am not so willing to be an officer, since my own knowledge is very limited. I’d better be a simple Kinsman in a small, yet cozy, kinship.

And so the day has ended. I had lots of fun in Evendim and fresh thoughts about the festival, also 531 Turbine points out of 695 needed (Lothlorien quest pack). Things are going good in Lotro.