Lord of the rings online

Had very little time to play Lotro – but still Vytautaz continued his adventures in Evendim. 90 quests finished, another level of reputation reached. Quests were going very good, I just went and killed any enemy (even those I did not need, but one should have fun, right?). Monsters were kind enough to drop Mathoms as well as Wardens of Annuminas reputation items.

I am already thinking about Lothlorien and its rewards (some 200 Turbine points and big grind for reputation). New content is always good, I will gladly consume it as quick as possible.

When Vytautaz will finish almost all things in Evendim, it would be high time for him to visit Eregion. Angmar is really not an option:too little soloable quests, too much stress.

And so the day ended, I left satisfied with 506 Turbine points (190 TPs remain to be grinded). Life is good with Lotro.