Lord of the rings online

After a long sleep – Vytautaz is back to the game (my main once…now just an alt). This time he went on foot – riding skill for him not purchased – to sunny and green Evendim. I took every quest I could, selling almost all quest awards.

First steps – of course, that maze-farm in Ort Barton, where farmers need to plant scarecrows, fight some rats, mud the pigs, carry chickens and other usefull things. Since it almost bloodless quests (only few times did I need to kill some evil creatures) – it’s ok. And experience is ok too, I made one level by sorting weed and mudding pigs.

Fighting outside farm was a good one. Sometimes I was 2-3 levels above my social enemies. Used bracing attacks, “sudden defense” a lot of times – these are Champion’s best friends. Killing Tomb robbers was really a good thing: first 120 kills requires very little attempt. You just do quests, kill and defend – and at the end you have like 30 Tomb robbers to kill. They were kind enough to drop Mathoms and Tomb-raider sachels (+30 to reputation with the Wardens of Annuminas).

Quests were doing great, Evendim is a very good place for questing. And so was Turbine points flow. Evendim quest pack now starts to pay dividends for investment I made once. I can make 80 Turbine points without trouble. Way more than that if I invest some time and patience.

Some quests (“ride to Esteldin”, ‘go to Angmar”, “visit Trollshaws”) were rejected: these would be good for the end, when all other quests are finished. Used Arnorian coins to get some stuff for Vytautaz: new cloak and leggings, if I get enough coins – breastplate too. “Nothern star” armor gives +strenght if player has at 2 or 3 pieces of this armour equpped.

Overall I had a very good time, have some 476 Turbine points right now and need some 220 TPs: some would be from Vytautaz (especially reputation with Annuminas), some would be from WoneF (maybe Shire/Ered Luin deeds).

I started to look for a new Kinship. What I really need is some not too big, but old Kinship that has a friendly atmosphere and could help me a bit with Angmar and Moria.

And so the day has ended, life was good and shiny. More Evendim adventures await…and then up to Eregion!