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Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys rode through grumpy Moria and ended his journey in some Lothlorien camp. It’s finished with Moria. Epic quest book will not be finished due to stupid “session play” which is impossible to finish. “Kill 2 mobs out of 20 attacking you at one time” is doable only with IDDQD.

There were some debates on Lotro forums concerning this. Most users in forum were against, some – for “session play”, yet developers found “vast majority” for. I interfered too: please, give player a choice. Let us say: if you choose “session play”, you will be Gandalf’s chicken and will be forced to go to spie on Sauron…but if you make it alive, you get 1 million xp for you, 1 million xp for legendary item and “Eternal Hero” title. However, current “session play’ is a pain and I would avoid it at any costs.

Observation: Turbine did some great job with UI. Now, in “House–>maintenance” you have a slider bar and can pay for 19 weeks in advance. I do like it very much. Very good job, Turbine, it’s really helpfull and I hope most player would enjoy it. My rich grinding toons paid for all 19 weeks in advance. Of course, you can pay with mithril coins (i.e. real life cash) too.

WoneF went to Archet to grind for some TPs. Things were going good: spider slayer (adv.) finished, Brigand slayer finished, Bree-land adventurer (15 quests) – finished. To make things better, WoneF paid for house maintenance (1 week) and DunedanMule – for 19 weeks. WoneF trolled a bit. Player asked about kinship, if some would like him. I trolled – “what’s the use of kinship?”. Player answered it was about groups and another one IMed me – like it was about quality armour, jewellery, support. I re-trolled: armour, jewellery can be bought in Auction House, information is in wiki/google and for groups we have LFF chat. What’s the use for kinship then? Answer was: friends. I replied: yes, but friends may be outside kinship…

When logged as DunedanMule – noticed my toon was demoted from Officer to Kinswoman. Weird. She was supposed to serve as a mule: bringing Kinship things to our House chests, giving them to kinnies and serve as walking vault for Kinship.

Despite of this – day went good. NaktiesKarys had all chats turned off, so there would be no complaints like “I feel ignored”. WoneF earned TPs and I need some 390 Turbine points to Lothlorien quest pack. Yes, it won’t pay off (only ~100 TPs in return), but still some fun.

And so the day has ended. I am leaving Moria behind: done with all doable quests, have to wait untill Lothlorien. Things are just…mediocre…with Lotro./