Lord of the rings online

Discussion about Hobbits’ presents is still going on with some new thoughts, like “if Turbine sees mithril coin sale is not up, they will abandon wheel of fortune”. Some players are suggesting not so intrusive game, even according to the Tolkien. I do hope Turbine will listen to these – I call them wise – suggestions and make something monetizing and non-intrusive.

NaktiesKarys was Desperado in Moria. Initially thought of doing slayer deeds – yeah, I have a good spot full of Morrovals! Arrived to that spot: well, not so many of them: one outpost with 3 morrovals, then after some travelling – 2 of them and on the other end – 2 of them. Wait a second, I have to kill some 300 (240 for advanced deed and 60 for simple deed completion)? Then how much would it take? Retreated. Tried to look at quests, but had nothing good left. Water-wheel where I must go through sewers, fighting local worms and finding seemingly non-existent spare part. Questing in Foundations of Stone where having map is worse than non having and most passages are full of social enemies – no, thanks, it’s too hard to find even the simpliest things there.

I had no options left. Asked Kinship – almost no answers. Asked in regional chat – silence. Asked in Advice chat – silence. There were tens of players around an still nobody wanted to speak. I bought some book of CHampion, read it, received 20 TP and rode my goat. Many kinnies were around, yet no offer of help from them. Some were doing quests which I have already done.

Switched to WoneF, did one deed, earned 10 Turbine points; then went to Silverlode, paid for house upkeep, tried Hobbit present and logged off.

Day was a very dull one. No help from others, almost no reliable advice, all chats dead – there was nothing I could do. There were tens, if not hundreds, TPs waiting for me as Slayer deeds…but they were so grindy, especially dragonets, gredbyrg ones. No place where I could just stand and kill. And almost no fun: all that was good ended.

I left a bit grumpy and dissatiesfied. I do want to consume content…but there was none, Kin was of no help and I had nowhere to go to. Time to grind TPs on alts 😦