Lord of the rings online

Day started with simple option to resize alerts and especially Hobbits’ present.  This “wheel of fortune” is something I do dislike. Lotro experts can call it lore-breaking. Maybe Turbine will do something about this.

Naktieskarys quested in Moria, sometimes having hard times. Finished Martial Champion trait (had to go to Thorins hall). Epic quest was doing good…untill first “Session play”. This was something too hard: I hard to play for other NPC, have no quality armor, potions, only few usable skills…and of course, stay alive. One session play was to survive Orc assault and I found myself in a tiny room, surrounded by some 20 Orcs. Of course, they killed me, session failed. One quest involved “get without being seen” option and then, when the road is clear, to make NPC get to you unnoticed. At least something fresh and good.

I know I had no chance of survival. Used all I had to stop named monster and even killed his two bodyguards…but to fight 20 Orcs with half-dead Dwarf was impossible. Kinship offered no help with this except “try harder” advices. Overall, I am having some hard times with getting help from Kinship. There are many times that my calls for advice are left ignored.

I refused to take many quests – they seem too hard for me. Once again I have no doable quests, only grindy deeds (like kill 240 monsters). If I find suitable place, I will grind for TPs…and then switch to alts.

However, all these problems do not make me ragequit. I can see some Turbine/game problems, I can see how passive community is, but this can be corrected. Turbine will make conclusions from negative feedback and maybe will c hange Hobbit presents. And maybe my Kinship would aid me somehow someday.

Things are not that bad in Lotro.