Lord of the rins online

Main news: Lotro is preparing for Update 11. Promising to introduce Hobbits presents, new stuff for VIPs, revised mounted combat and other usefull things. Today game would be on a loooong maintenance.

NaktiesKarys fought in Moria. Quests were going great, there are many of them and experience I received was enough to grow to lvl.63 even when I outlevelled any enemy by 2-3 levels. Received lots of Legendary item experience too.

Quests were very different: to collect goat droppings (Gandalf, if it is your command, I promise I would make you clean every dropping in all Middle Earth without your magic!) and receive reward – Petrified Goat Dropping to lighting alarm fires or fighting huge trolls. I had to hunt spiders, worms, repair Water wheel and even to realise how beautifull is the river outside Moria. I did enjoy these quests. I also enjoyed the fact I am Kindred with all Iron Garrison factions.

To be honest – I do wish to finish every quest in Moria both for experience and fun. Of course, sometimes Moria reminds me our mutual…dislike. Some territories are designed to be very hard in navigation, some are more user-friendly. My Kinship was surprised with me in Moria at the begining…now they are surprised if I leave it.

Now I am questing in Foundations of Stone – big maze full of angry mobs. Legendary quest took me directly to Mirkwood: too early, I suppose, I have some other things to do.

However, I am levelling too fast. I’m level 63 and it is quite good for Lothlorien and Enedwaith – also, normal for Mirkwood. Even if I had that much TPs, I would outgrow any region too soon.  I do need to grind Turbine points (have >200 right now, need at least some 500) and purchase Lothlorien quest pack. No, it won’t pay off, but at least it would offer some fun.

Things are going great for me in Lotro, once again I am addicted to this game and love it.