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Lord of the rings online

The day was spent in Moria, 2 of its regions. One region was entirely about Morroval: kill them, destroy their nests, challenge their Queen, slay their slingers, then go and finally kill her Queen + her guards. Action took place in mountains, so it was too easy to take the wrong path (which I did several times).

Second region was Waterfalls, I just got stuck there with unedning quests and rewards. Kill toads, kill spiders, test the water, kill some Globnagas, then their leader, find Water-wheel…It was instant running forwards and backwards. Few times I ran into dangerous situation and hardly managed to escape.

But experience flew like a river. I made it to level 60. My Legendary weapon got fully upgraded – had to go and barter for a new one. It was some kinf of new experience: destroy previous weapon, get xp back and use all xp on a new weapon. Added some tier 2 add-ons to weapon: hope it will serve longer and act way better.

Later I returned to 21st hall just to relax…well, and only to find I had more quests there. Did some of them. Was a bit sad to do quest where one brave and rational Dwarf got killed by Orcs. He was avenged, but who will replace the brave Dwarf?

Overall it was a very positive, immerisng day in Lotro. I managed to do things alone. When in need, I got a kinnie who helped me to kill one big Orc with 13.000 hp. I did not feel lone, abandoned and lost. And the experience – it’s just everywhere, come and take it.

I’m quite happy with the way things are now. Soon, I will have to purchase Lothlorien quest pack (and well, grind, grind grind for TPs…). Things are going well with Lotro.