Lord of the rings online

Just another day in Lotro. Vytautaz went to the house, took away some stuff to free up space. DunedanMule was checked – alas, she is a Prospector, not Armorsmith (for some reason I thought she could make tools/armor).

Kinship chat turned off. Yet nobody missed me at all. Officer chat was almost dead all the time.

NaktiesKarys did what he does every day: all the available Festival press. Bought “ANniversary rainbow fireworks” – 5 pieces for 5 tokens. It’s a standard-looking firework, just firing all the colours. What to do with my remaining festival tokens – is a mystery. The only practical thing is “mystic powder” for making of fireworks. Besides, found “war-steed appearance”. I don’t have war-horse, so can’t see where this stuff went to.

At the end of the day I went to Enedwaith to gather Khazad iron/gold. I will gather as much as I can, untill all pockets are full. Then, I will ride to Bree and craft. Each metal vein hit brings me some 30 xp; each smelted ore – some 40 xp; each produced weapon – some more xp.

The only positive thing I have done – consulted one new player about riding (it’s most popular question). Today or tomorrow we have Officer meeting and I will probably announce that all my toons, except Mule, are leaving Officer position.

Just a very mediocre day in Lotro.