Lord of the rings online

Turbine has finally announced new expansion: Battle of thel Hellm’s Deep. There is talk in their forum and everybody awaits pre-order conditions. Expansion extends top-level to 95, brings more Epic line allowing even lvl. 10 player to take their part in the battle against Sauron’s minions. Everybody awaits what will this expansion bring to the game. At least some progress.

Needless to say, players are actively discussing this on official forums and when “Fall 2013” comes, we will see what did we get.

And by far – Anniversary festival continues. I was active there and managed to do firework launching quests – some 4 times, envelope quest – 1 time, “perfect places for fireworks” quest – some 2 times and gift quest – one time. I’m doing this because of xp only: Anniversary tokens are of no use for me. I have bought all the mounts and most maps I needed. Fluff items like “you in the box” are not for me.

Fireworks launching aside, helped one kinnie with trophy items (we have some in our Kinship house), adviced another from kinship and talked to yet another. One player was kind enough to make me lvl.58 bow – it will help me advance quickier. Was happy to craft one weapon for another kinnie – at least some use of me…

I have lost any hope of going for a kill / quest in the neariest future. All I can foresee is crafting – gathering Khazad metals (bronze, tin, iron, gold), smelting and refining them, advancing my weaponsmith and gaining little xp from that. And I do understand that withing next few weeks (!) I won’t be visiting Moria. Kinship is of almost no help, local chats are dead – I am left alone.

And so the day has ended with lots of fireworks and some experience. Today I will be doing Anniversary quest again and  again – untill anniversary ends (April 30th). No killings, no quests, just crafting and fireworking – this is how Lotro is today..