Lord of the rings online

Anniversary continues, my NaktiesKarys made the best decision about it: he went to Angmar. Finished some 3 quests, then went for “wigh slayer” deed and killed almost every wigh he encountered. 5 TPs earned, deed completed. Tried to do one lvl.48 quest, but in envolved running through a horde of fallen spirits (9000 hp each). Hardly escaped from them.

Went to Bree to the so-called “Anniversary” only to find its quests impossible. I went to riding area, rode myself, carefully jumping so that I’m not slowed by the mud. Then took local ponny, rode exactly the same and quest was failed. People keep telling Anniversary PvP is good, but I’m extremely bad at PvP. Catching envelopes was a real pain, since there were hundreds, if not thousand, players in Bree at any time and in the central square not less than 10 players hunted for 1 envelope. To make things worse, not every envelope contained valuable invitations. Somehow finished – and it’s done. Had more luck with firework area, finished 2 firework firing quests here. However, NPC that commands what to fire, lagged: we received no commands and had only to guess.

I do wait for Anniversary to end as soon as possible. I can earn 6 local tokens at best: doing 3 firework firing quests per night. When I finally get my 40 tokens, I will buy festival horse (only because it has 250 health) and forget this “festival” for good. I also looted some “platinium tokens” from killed wighs, but have little arguments to use them: at Yule festival gift boxes provided free coal: that’s why I purchased them, all other were just worthless. I think the same will happen this time.

Lucky for me, double-xp time is coming so that I could focus on advancing, maybe in dreadfull Enedwaith.