Lord of the rings online

Had just some 1-2  hours to play Lotro, so created a new clone: WoneE. Another Human girl, another Champion that rushes to grind 135 Turbine points, then give her money to main toon and be safely deleted.

NaktiesKarys/DunedanMule did nothing at all while WoneE reached level 7 and finished her first quest that counts for deed “Bree-land adventurer”. Of course, she will use hundreds of Barrow-treasures and Cordolan trinkets stored in shared vault.

No Turbine points were gained this way. My current goal: Premium wallet and Enedwaith quest pack, total 1690 TPs. Need some 890 TPs, so yet another 6 toons + some 80 Turbine points get aside. Strategy is clear and logic: Premium wallet allows storing of many barter coins/tokens/taxidermy items and Enedwaith will allow to grow.

So – forwards to the race for Turbine points, adventures in Enedwaith awaits!