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Lord of the rings online

Easter was kind of peacefull: my NaktiesKarys decided to celebrate it and do not kill anything. Thus, a pickaxe was chosen and my little Dwarf went to gather all metal he could find, be it Tin or Barrow-iron. There were lots of ore gathered, beautiffull Evendim lands visited again and my vaul has full stacks (100 units) of almost every non-precious metal, from Bronze to Elf steel. Some ore was succesfully sold on Auction house for a high price as well as some Reputation items. People just pay tons of money for stuff they could get easily…

And then it was our Kinship, Dunedain of the North, Easter event.

First, all who could gathered near the southern gates of Bree. Initially there were only 3 of us, waiting for others. And then, lots of players came, many officers and just kinship members. We joked, rode our horses/goats awaiting 19:00 London time.

Then, the parade began. We ran through Bree, all other players looking at our parade, visiting all places of interest. Some officers rode their fine horses so that nobody could be lost. After Bree, our company gathered near the entrance to Barrows. We stood, listened to nice music played by Minstrels, roared to the air and once again attracted other players. They wondered why there are so many Dunedains and received an answer that Dunedains are celebrating Easter. Barrows were invaded quickly and enemies were slaughtered without mercy: Dunedains do not tolerate Mordor’s evil that invaded our Middle-earth!

After that, the most funny part took place: officers went to Thorin’s Hall and hide there: it was up to Kinship members to search for them. Six officers were hiding in a hidden and not-so-hidden places. This was a great fun both for officers and players. Best seekers received valuable awards and I think, everybody left satisfied.

The event ended in massive PvP fighting (“sparring” as it is called). I could not take place there – it was a bit late.

Side effect of the event: yesterday, all the Barrows were overcrowded…

Other news in short: I managed to help several players wity quality weapons. I am also starting to role-play (?) Dwarf. I am speaking about “my native Thorins Hall”, when making weapons sometimes add about “original Dwarven quality” and alike. It is good to finally be able to help others. I also started a new toon, named “DunedanMule” that would carry all the Kinship stuff and give it away to our kinnies. The problem is money: I need some 12 gold coins to buy all vault upgrades (and while barrows are crowded, I just can’t  hunt here). When vault is upgraded, Mule will serve our Kinship.

And thus the Easter days in Lotro ended, I felt very satisfied and happy. Life is good once again