Lord of the rings online

Moria is soon to be finished:2 of 4 slayter deeds completed and I await Gerbryg slayer and Goblin slayer (adv.) to be finished. Then, would just ride through the un-wellcoming mines to Lothlorien.

Which is still a question: at the 695 TP price it offers only some 200 TPs in return, the only advantage being – no one could care about Orc slayer since there are repeatable quests that require to deal with Orc invasion.

My thought was to buy Premium wallet and free space: folks adviced Mirkwood or Lothlorien. I voted for Loth, since it is more solo-based. Also, had to discuss Moria/Angmar with kinnies. They think I don’t like them because I don’t know how to advance. Wrong: in order to kill enemy, one has to locate enemy and if there is no entrance, nobody would ever advance. My kinnies are wrong at this point. They do offer help, but I start refusing it.

What’s the use from help if I would ask for it every step? Solo quest, that is too hard for me, when I am 6 levels above any monster. Instance, that experienced players call “hard as hell”. Tunnels that have no entrance or no exit. I just can’t ask for help every time.

Looks like I would vaste my money on Lothlorien: every single quest pack is just a TP loss. However, maybe there, in green Elven lands, I will find some peace of mind?