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Lord of the rings online

Eregion is finished, Thorin’s Hall forced fellowship quests cancelled: I just dislike anything forced. Was wondering waht to do next and then one player mentioned Minsty Mountains. He was almost a genius.

Misty Mountains present a cool Northern landscape with monsters like Snow trolls or Mammoths. Some of them are way overpowered (Mammoth was a bit challenging for me with its 5000 hp) – if fighting as equals, good group is a must. Deeds involv killing 360 monsters (120 – basic, 240 – advanced). Lucky for me, some quests do require killing deed monsters, mostly Warghs. Not so lucky is the fact that this region has no vault and basic camp has no NPC to sell loot to.

I fought monsters, be it bears or goblins and even earned my first Turbine points for doing one deed. However, still have some doubts. Misty mountains mean I could earn only 120 Turbine points, while I bought the region for 521 Turbine points (with discount). One day I will run as Vilnietiz in Evendim and Eregion, Misty mountains and Forochel – then, I will be able to regain some…losses.

Killing aside, managed to help my kinnies. One person needed some trophies: mailed them, then helped to hunt in my hated Angmar. Wanted to help others, but had to wait a way too long. Added some stuff to our Kinship house chest: now there are many trophies usable ty many classes.

Met one person from Lithuania, myu native country and was happy to help her explaining how Lotro works.

And so the day ended. I risked purchasing Misty mountains, but one day this risk may pay off. I felt satisfied being able to help others and hunt freely fightingn 4-5 monsters at one time. This day has been just good and I look forward for more hunt and more fun.