Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys fought more in Eregion. There were lots of quests and lots of mining. While many quests were typical “find and kill” – some were wat more interesting. Find and destroy several enemy banners. Find some wandering Pony and escort him from point A to point B while finding his own footsteps (finally ponny just disappears). Killed one named monster by accident – had to re-kill him a bit later. But then, overkill is not overcheating… Only one quest I did not take: it’s lvl.54 for small fellowship.

Ore was plentyfull, I had all my bags full of it and so had to make often raids to Rivendell. Mined Khazad copper and tin, got plenty Ancient Iron, silver, nickel. Sometimes I had to ride and not pay attention to ore.

Finally, I took one quest to receive my first Legendary weapon. This is a long quest line, after ending it I would have to do next questline…and only then receive LI (Legendary Item). First quests were kind of easy: find missing Dwarves, kill some easy birds. Of course, I do gain experience that way making it to level 52.

Unfortunately, I already finished some quests that gave LI experience (well, in Lotro – legendary items have their own experience). To compensate it, looted one item granting LI a +1000 xp boost.

My killing quests are almost at an end. While Half-Orcs killing deed is almost done, all others are about to be grinded. Bright side: I will earn lots of xp for my first Legendary weapon this way, so advancement would be good.

Kinship life: I was happy to advice new players about horse riding. It is one of the most popular questions, second one – travelling rations. I knew the answers and was more than happy to help. At  the same time, had to refuse several raids as I am too low for them.

I do love Eregion. I will stay there as long as possible: kill enemies, loot stuff for sale, loot legendary items xp stuff and gain Turbine points. I will also utilize discount in Lotro store: they offer quest packs 25% cheaper.

Life in Lotro is just very nice and refreshing. Especially in Eregion.