Lord of the rings online

Almost all day was spent in Eregion – pretty looking region. There are several settlements here, though absolutely no crafting facilities and vaults. Local Elves do need some support and would give more than 100 quests to do. Locals have even task boards (giving no reputation with any faction, but awarding with valuable xp).

No doubt, there are deeds to finish. Killing deeds include “kill 120”, killing advanced deeds – “kill 240” monsters. Unlike Angmar, there are many monsters around so payer should never run out of them. Killing worms, crabain, local evil men – there are enough job.

And, of course, crafting. While Angmar is divided between Platinium/Dwarf iron and Ancient Iron/Nickel/Silver – Eregion is divided between Ancient Iron/Nickel/Silver – and Khazad metals. A perfect place to harvest even with little trying. I managed to get 110 ancient iron ore and it’s just the begining.

Ran several quests. Except of standard “we do need to kill those monsters: go and kill ’em” – had some interesting. Collect seeds from “holly plant”; plant those seeds (while avoiding monster attacks), locate a camp, gather some crates in the forest. Managed to defeat my own level monster who had >4000 health.  I took some “small fellowship” quests and am succesfully doing them.

During these adventures – advanced to level 50 (could finally open lvl.50 Locked box!), so when the time comes, will visit Champion trainer in Rivendell.

When I compare ANgmar and Eregion – I have almost no ‘pros’ for Angmar. Grumpy-looking, overguarded region with almost impossible deeds and lower-tier resources; Eregion is nice looking, non-overguarded with possible deeds and highier tier resources. Angmar purchasing was my biggest mistake: those Turbine points I spent on it would never return.

Overall, I am feeling happy again. Once again I am in a battlefield killing anyone I meet and mining any ore I can see. Life is just excellent