Lord of the rings online

We had a rather cool instance yesterday. As usual, Kinship went to think which one instance to raid. Folks chose one in Moria with one over-grown Turtle (>100.000 hp). Group was big and strong, me being the weakiest member.

Raid started, we engaged the enemy. Turtle wasn’t so happy, attacked some of our group, even I managed to get some damage. I also tried to use all my best to fight the creature. Tried to stun (Turtle resisted), used all AoE attacks, especially ones inflicting wounds. We fought and won – although 2 of us were killed. However, the fight was indeed heroic and cool. There were some loots, though almost none suitable for me as Champion. I looted some Moria tokens and sellable stuff.

I tried to do one quest in Rivendell, but it involved protecting Legolas in a hard instance. It was hard to find companion: all tanks of Kinship went to storm another lvl.65+ instance.

Well, it was the time for NaktiesKarys to re-visit Angmar and kill remaining 50 Angmarim. Update 10 did its bad job: I was too quickly running out of power and Second wind cooldown was too long. But I did it, receiving 10 Turbine points. Angmarim also were very kind to drop Mathoms: these would be handy to raise reputation with Mathom society. Kinship told me I had great patience. Yes, I do have it: free players should…

Logged off, then logged in as WoneC and finished some deeds too. Of course, when you are level 11 – things are getting a bit slower. However, I managed to finish 15 Bree quests, kill some brigands and earn more Turbine points.

At the end of the day I had 1699 Turbine points with the need to have 600 more. Life was just good and I look forward for new experiences in Angmar.