Lord of the rings online

Downtime went an hour longer than expected: Turbine was putting long-advertised Update 10. In short, it’s an interesting one. It introduced:

Mithril currency. Purchasable from store only in pack of 5 up to 200 mithril coins. Replaces travel writs and some other stuff. If you want to use quick travel – you use Mithril currency, if want to revive that fast – use it too. My own rating: very positive. The more standartised, the easier to use – the better.

Medaillions converted to Seals. While true motiffs are not that clear – if it means more easy to use – I am for it. My own rating: probably positive.

Forced emotes. Every player has an option to turn them off. It used to be that player felt a victim of some not-so-good emote. Now, it is gone. My own rating: very positive.

Dread on defeat. Removed completely, “Dread on defeat removal” tomes replaced with Mithril currency. My own rating: very positive.

Some Brigands will do less Stuning. Needless to comment: the less stun, the more fight and the more fight – the more fun. My own rating: positive.

Fate and Power revamps. Fate should have more effects on in combat power regeneration as well as out of combat power regeneration. Will and Power no longer contribute to Power pool and out-of-combat power regeneration. My own rating: bad. Come on, since when Power does not contribute to Power?

Champion revamp. Every in-and -out of combat power regeneration was reduced, cooldown increased. My own rating: very bad.  It’s just a downgrade of Champions – they do depend of Fervour and Power.

Angmar. In my own Angmar developers claim to made it easier to make solo quests and higher rate that mob will drop quest item. My own rating: positive.

Some other revamps: PvP has been changed, but since I am not planning to use it – it does not matter. Also, some very high-level areas are revamped, new high-level armour introduced.

My own comments: while some things can be applaused – downgrade of Power/Will as well as some classed downgrade are bad. Champions were not overpowered and in-game combat regeneration was kind of optimal.  Also, they revamped armor to have +2/+4 status instead of +3/+5. A downgrade too – unless, say, Champion items will bring more power/in-combat power regeneration. And I do not take developers word “it would give more maneuver space” to be true: vault is not endless, house chests are limited too. And if person is crafting, having clones – he uses almost all space available.

And as for Game-play – my NaktiesKarys did one hard quest in Angmar. Quest involved killing some 7 trolls, each with 7000-9000 health, as well as lots of slugs, then freeing one prisoner. Our group was not overepowered one: some 4 players, the strongest was lvl.54, then it was me (lvl.49). I died at the end, while fighting named monster. Did all I can, used almost everything I could. Lucky, my fellowship completed the quest. It was a great positive experience.

Then talked to some new Kinship members about Lotro. I was more than happy to explain things I do know, like Lotro free-to-play (temptation to advertise this blog was high…) to purchases. I went through many of this and I think I know something.

Other quests: finished lvl.50 Champion quest, received some Jewellery in exchanged.  Then finished “search for missing Nazgul” quest and continued with one questline. It was kind of positive experience too. My Kinship wanted to go to the Rift, but it was almost midnight, so had to go to sleep.

And so the day in Lotro has ended. Day has been mostly positive.