Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys first time visited serious instance. It was an evil, seemingly over-guarded fortress in Angmar, called The Rift. Our group, mostly lvl. 70s-80s went there. I was invited as well.

Adventure was a long and dangerous one. The dungeons are infested by Angmar slaves and their masters, Trolls and named monsters, even volcanoes that come to aid the Iron Crown. Easch named monster prepared his own defenses, coming in waves; each monster had an attack that could crush the floor or one-hit kill ayone.

It was my first team-fight. Luckily, I was on TeamSpeak, so was able at least to receive commands. As heavy-armor owner, sometimes I was entrusted to something serious, like “hold this defense line”. Of course, sometimes I made mistakes and was sorry to make them.

Monsters were really hard, named ones having >100.000 morale.Their minions were a bit easier, but they came in huge numbers: a situation mym AoE attacks were handy.

Some of us took quests and soon we finished them. I did not receive rewards: had to go to NPCs and had little time to do it. It was late, almost midnight and I had to go to sleep.

Instance was a great one. A great joy to be in group, fight hand-to-hand with my friends. Life is just great – and maybe today, after Update 10, we will storm Rift again.