Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys was riding in Angmar, doing deeds. Someone asked if it was not boring to kill 290 Angmar soldiers. I answered – no, it was not. More enemies – more experience; more enemies – more loot – more money. And for all that I am given free Turbine points. Conclusion: triple profit.

I was approached by one lvl.83 from our Kinship: he helped a lot with Angmarim genocide. I asked him to help in slaying Iron Crown Captain. We went, we slaughtered and went back. Everything was going very fast, even too fast…and at the end I had some 88 Angmarim killed in a very short period of time.

Then it was time for him to go – and I went to do some quests. One involved killing lvl.48-49 Iron crown warriors and archers. They were guarded by some Humans and Trolls: one of Trolls killed me. I returned and did this quest. Then, I was asked to dessecrate Altars of Mordor: was harder, since Priests are a bit tougher targets…but I did it too. And then – yet another fellowship quest to do something to 3 idols.

I advanced to level 49, while earning no Turbine points: but points matter very little since I had much fun. I increased reputation with the Council of the North. ANd – what’s more important – we are preparing to storm Urughart.

Life is just fun with Lotro.