Lord of the rings online

I kept silence for a few days:had some flu in real-life…and played as much Lotro as I could.

WoneC was born on Withywindle and grinded first 15 Turbine points: another 115 to go.

NaktiesKarys was very busy travelling throughout half of Middle Earth. Initially – quests in Angmar, as much solo as I could. Then I took Champion quest: went to some Elven girl…and then it began. Kill some amount of monsters to get stuff: ok, riding to Angmar; go to Misty Mountains to kill named monster: ok, riding to Misty Mountains; oh, talk to NPC in Rivendell: ok, riding to Rivendell…

Untill I had to go to Urughart and kill some named monsters. Asked my Kinship for help – and help I received. We went through this instance killing monsters, I was feeling more like spectator…but still managed to get required drops + do one quest. It was a great experience for me.

Of course, NPC sent me to get other trophies, dropped by spiders and some slugs. It was not too hard: spiders and slugs were eager to drop these. And then – wellcome back to Urughart, please get 2 trophies dropped by named monsters. I have to ask for Kinship help once again.

Besides from doing quests and mining almost every metal I find (Dwarf-iron, Platinium, Ancient Iron, Ancient Nickel, Ancient Silver) – I was promoted to Dunedain of the North officers. I stated it very clearly in our forums: while being able to help newbies with metal weapons and “fire support”, I may be rather impatient person. They chose to promote me.

And then continued to do my deeds. 300 Warghs were killed and their drops was sold, only hides were mailed to our kinship members. Discovered once instance (“Halls of the Night”) and completed deed “Find Halls of the Night”. One person sent me lots of reputation items and I increased my reputation with Thorin’s Hall. Upgraded my own vault – two upgrades, 5 gold coins each…and then no more upgrades sfor in-game currency: will need to use Turbine Points.

And I was able to help others. Sent some reputation items to one new player and when he asked for more – sent him another part. Made a weapon for him and sent too. Was willing to go and offer ‘fire support’, but when I answered he already got help.

I think I like Angmar. The only thing I do dislike here are forced fellowship quests. Turbine may consider making them possible to solo. But overall – region is interesting, lots of stuff to kill, reputation items to be picked and metal to mine.

As a result – 1669 Turbine points with some 630 more: but these are only a matter of time. Life in Lotro is just good once again.