Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys spent all the day in Angmar. Since there were no solo quests left (that is what I do dislike in Angmar) – went to one Orcish camp to hunt down Orcs and make my “kill 300 Orcs” deed.

Hunt was going good, Orcs were caught and owned and I looted valuable reputation items. These are priceless. There were trophies too as well as sellable items. By the way, completed several deeds, including “use Second Wind NN times”. The only time I had to run was whrn I fought some 3 or 4 Blogmail Defilers (and they can heal themselves). One time left my toon and browsed web; when returned, toon was killed by some Orc. More positive news: mined some Ancient iron.

Due to personal life and game Update 10 one of our experienced Kinship member quits at least as Kinship successor. It is a loss for all of us – and a chance to think about what wrong is to be in that Update.

Overall I left satisfied. KIlling Orcs was fun and I enjoyed it. I got money from selling stuff and I got reputation items. In fact, I may be forced to hunt for even more Orcs (just because all my other toons may need reputation as soon as possible).

I am thinking about making my OneE – an Explorer so that she may travel and gather various resources, from Bronze (helpfull for lvl.12 Bronze swords) to wood.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied. Even grinding may be fun and usefull.