Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys finally got some support and went to do first small group quest: to kill Bloodwing. There were three of us in the group, me being the weakiest one. The fight was initially easy: it was not so when we encountered drakes. My kinship member died one time, I died one time too.  But finally – our own Bloodwing. We made a run, running, hitting, trying to stay alive. And hurray, evil Dragon was slained, we ran as fast as we could home, avoiding any fight. I was able to jump (and injure) and make it to the neariest settlement.

It was a good fight…though I am afraid to tell anyone in Kinship that I have some 20 group quests left. Asking for a help is good thinking – asking all the time is bad.

When it was over, I rested a bit and went to kill Blogmail Orcs. They dropped medium-value trophies and valuable reputation items. Gathered them and reached yet another reputation level with the Esteldin.

Now I have 1529 Turbine points and killing Orcs to get 10 more for Orc slayer (advanced). Also, at that level I should be able to reach Kindred with Esteldin, which will give me more TPs.

And so the day has ended, I left satisfied and awaiting today’s hunt.