Lord of the rings online

NaktiesKarys played in Angmar doing quests and accidentaly finishing deeds. Wargh slayer was finished (poor 150 warghs), Orc and Angmarim slayer are on their way.

There were problems with quests. I tried to do all the single ones – but most of the quests are “small fellowship”. Well, I do dislike forced fellowships. It makes me whine in the chat “someone plz help me with 20 quests”. It makes me lose time I could spent better while in game. I did once quest, which turned out to be a daily instance (2 days cooldown): Aughaire defense. A hard one: there are 4 entrances and group must hold on for 30 minutes being under attack by serious lvl.50 monsters, many of them – elite. Our group was strong and big – yet it failed 2 times. Third time it was done, I received valuable xp.

And loot. It was my first time I looted legendary items: they are presented as “[class] tools” and need to be recognized by some NPC. Unfortunately, these Legendary items are for all classes but mine: will have to sell them in Auctrion House.

I also understood I was not willing to leave Angmar. There are many quests to do, many monsters to kill and some monsters does drop very helpfull stuff, like reputation items. However, overpowered monsters (how can I kill 300 trolls with health >9000?) sometimes spoil everything. But I had to leave few times: inventory was full and in Angmar you have no vault: visit to Esteldin is a must.

OneF is no more: instead, WoneB was born on Withywindle server.  She went to do basic quests in Bree + Neeker-breeker and should provide me with some 135 Turbine points. Most of deeds were completed the same day, leaving History of Dunedain, ruins of Bree-land and Adventure (36 quests from 45 needed). Before deleting, OneF spent all her money to pay for house upkeep and then bought the coal, some 500 pieces. Shared vault was overflooded, had to deposit in the house. WoneB greatly benefited from “red dots on the map” function: it allowed to choose enemies or to avoid ones (however, due to grind only: on all normal toons I have red dots disabled).

And so weekend has ended. I had some 1514 Turbine points and still need some 800 more.  And to grow NaktiesKarys to lvl.50 as quick as possible. Life in Lotro – well, just good.